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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What is the Best Laptop/Computer Configuration in 2013 to buy?

How to decide the best laptop/computer configuration in 2013?

Before buying laptops, you need to decide certain things for yourself like processor, graphics card, memory etc. With a few steps you will know the best configuration which is required for your laptop.
Go through given points, you will be in good condition to decide what is the best laptop and computer configuration.

1. The first thing that you need in your laptop and compute is  a processor. The best and latest configuration for a processor is the i5 which is more balanced. You will not be able to find out the difference between a i3 and i7 processor even while playing games, so this is only number increase not the configuration. The minimum number of frames that are required to form a video is 10. So any frame rate above 30 should give you a standard crisp and good video display anything above it is just a show off and does not make much difference to the viewer. If you play very big games, you need i3 or i5. I think HP laptop is a good choice if you want a powerful AMD processor and a great graphics card which give you a great high definition experience while playing games, watching movies, etc.

2. Now Coming to the graphics card: a decent laptop and computer configuration will exclude a graphics card and try to use the internal graphics hardware. A graphics card generally heats the processor and makes the life of a laptop very short. The more you use the graphics feature of a laptop more will it get heated and the faster will it become useless. If you really want to have a graphics card 1GB memory is more than enough. Anything more than that is never used by the programs even if available. Inspiron laptops are good choice, have an internal video graphics accelerator which shares 1GB of RAM to give you a good graphics output.

3. Coming to hard disk drive: a 500GB hard disk drive can store plenty of things half of which will be never used by you. There is no need to go for higher capacity drives unless you want to fill your laptop/computer with more than 450 high quality films. You never get the time to listen to even 1GB music for your whole life.

4. SRS surround sound is always an added benefit for watching movies and listening to your favorite music.

5. Anything above 6GB RAM is a waste of money and resources. Many computer magazines will tell you that only 3GB of the RAM is used by your computer with the heaviest of programs running on it. You can open 10 application on a computer having 512 MB RAM.

6. A good laptop/computer configuration should yield you at least 2.30 hours of power backup. Anything less than that is not negotiable. Battery will give you higher backup provided you do not have a graphics card which gives you higher performance.

7. Coming to Touch-pads: Dell gives you the advantage of having bigger touch-pads. Touch-pads are good to use when they are larger in size.

8. A laptop/computer should have at least 4 USB ports, 1LAN port, HDMI port, SATA port and another port for connecting to external video display devices like monitor or projector. Wi-Fi is a must for every laptop. A laptop without Wi-Fi is no laptop at all.

9. Laptop/computer with pre-installed OS saves you some money. You may install the OS later. But, machines with pre-installed OS comes with the added benefit of a motherboard CD. In the other case you need to individually download the motherboard CD and use its contents after burning it to a disc. Also a registered version of the OS that comes with a laptop with a pre-installed OS is definitely an added benefit.

I think this is the best laptop configuration for laptop/computer users. Comment your views.

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